TRIBE Solana
Solana, Beijing China
Organic Restaurant
Food & Beverage
1 September 2016 to 31 January 2017

330 square meters

TRIBE’s 3rd Location for Beijing China’s only organic restaurant, the newly designed TRIBE is an expression of lifestyle where Design and Healthy living are synonymous. NAO and TRIBE partnered to create a safe haven for clean and fresh eating, drinking, breathing and living. This is Beijings only restaurant that implements its own Photovoltaic Solar panels for heating the water and powering its lighting. With a motto of “Eat, Drink, Breath” TRIBE embraces clean design, while allowing for a plethora of plant life. In keeping with previous TRIBE interiors, NAO Continues to develope the modern and vibrant interior designs that have become TRIBE’s signature. The menu of Organic food and healthy lifestyle is expressed in the interior with natural woods, and a pallette of fresh greens and greenery accented by TRIBE’s signature chic NEON lights. Targeting the specific customers surrounding Solana Beijing, the space also incorporates the “pear playroom” to provide a spcea for kids to play while their parents dine.