Sanlitun, Beijing China
Brew Pub
Food & Beverage
15 March 2016 to 25 August 2016

530 Sq. M

NAO created the flagship location for the craft beer company Slow Boat. The 530 square meter space is divided between three floors, with a small entry on the street level. The concept for this project was to create a space where the visitors felt as if they were enjoying their beers amongst the the brewing equipment. Splitting the brewing equipment between the 2nd and 3rd floors NAO designed vertical, vi- sual connections between the floors, and created seats amongst, and bars surrounding the brewing equipment, offering the visitor a chance to be a as one with the brewery. In terms of materials the 3 story location uses red oak and zinc plated panels to create a maritime effect within the space and harken back to the slow boat that brought NAO and craft beer to China.