Lidu, Beijing, China
Food & Beverage
1 April 2018 to 1 January 2019

179 sq. m

Obentos is a destination for Japanese Bento Box inspired healthy eats. With a menu focused on light nutritional and balanced meals, NAO approached the design with two main conceptual directions, the first being to create a light and airy, daytime friendly establishment, where the color palette consists of natural woods and light green accents, the second conceptual point of emphasis was to embrace the restaurants namesake, the bento box and embrace its Japanese origins and the Bento Boxe’s relationship with varying sized rectangles to create a larger format rectangle. To emphasize the brands Japanese roots we created a series of rectangular paper and wood screens which in turn allowed us to print branded watercolor inspired images of the various vegetables and healthy proteins within Obentos’s menu. In addition the terrazzo flooring is comprised of varying sized tiles and the paper lantern like light fixtures tie in with the screens to bring a central focus to the space.