Xidan, Beijing, China
Vietnamese Restaurant
Food & Beverage
5 January 2021 to 20 April 2021

179 sq. M

Susu in Xidan, located just west of Beijing’s Forbidden city is representative of a new direction in the brands identity. The restaurant is in a newly constructed mall whose public space has a modern pallet of stainless steel and aluminum metallic combined with varying shades of grey and black stone surfaces. Responding to this contemporary atmosphere Susu embraced the quilted chrome and striped facades of the retro American Diner Cars that were originally transformed from old railroad cars. This retro style metal work, was combined with the brands recognizable breezeblock screen walls to create a prominent façade that wraps the irregular interior space. On the interior, the space is tied to the exterior by being accented with more references to retro diner culture. Chrome frame diner chairs, blue leather booths and retro pendant lighting are harmoniously tied together with a tri-colored terrazzo floor. Despite the intensity of the overall effect, the focus of the space is still the central bar with its shimmering pillowed chrome ceiling and retro movie theater style lightbox menu board. Though retro American diners were the spring board for this concept, the space fits comfortably into this modern Beijing architecture, and feels modern and inviting.