Gou Gou Guo
Xing Fu Cun, Beijing, China
Korean Restaurant and Bar
Food & Beverage
15 April 2018 to 15 June 2019

128 sq m

Gou Gou Guo is a fresh Korean Cuisine concept where the diner checks off each ingredient, from a listed menu, to be added to his on-table pot or skillet, thus the name Gou Gou Guo which translates to Check, Check, Pot. The restaurant is in a somewhat discrete second floor location, so in order to attract attention from passersby on the street level below. The design focus was place on creating an attractive ceiling design. The space is organized around a long linear open kitchen where the preparation of what will ultimately be cooked on the visitors table is in full display for the patrons. Material wise the space is a combination of various sized while hexagonal mosaic tiles, teak wood, and copper highlights.