Nali Patio, Sanlitun, Beijing
Izakaya and Yakatori Bar
Food & Beverage
29 December 2018 to 15 March 2019

133 sq m

Daruma’s name came from a research trip to Tokyo where a window display including red vintage Daruma monochrome graphics sparked inspiration for the project. The goal for Daruma was to create a Japanese Izakaya in the heart of Beijing’s Restaurant and Nightlife district. The Ground level location in the promising complex of Nali Patio lent itself to the creation of a conceptual wooden cave. Using reclaimed old wooden doors from demolished Chinese houses, the project’s interior has an immediate tactile feeling of authenticity while still being a modern spin on the classic wood heavy Izakayas of Japan. Another interesting deviation from tradition is the use of 1950s American style, stainless steel and red leather, diner furniture to offset the rustic wood. Low lighting and beautiful bottle display round out the space and create a comfortable environment to drink and snack your way to satiated happiness.