Dongcheng District Beijing China
Vietnamese Noodle Bar
Food & Beverage
10 May 2019 to 5 August 2019

65 sq m

Pho Susu, is a noodle bar in the heart of the old city of Beijing. This project was able to reinvent the Susu brand’s existing style, while reincarnating an almost dilapidated old traditional Chinese structure. NAO brought the space back to life by demolishing walls and exposing the raw wooden beams and pillars of the traditional structure. Using a combination of elm and pine, NAO created a majestic ceiling washed in warm spot lighting. The space is accented by a signature element that runs through all four Susu locations, which is the concrete breezeblock backdrop. In the case of this Pho SuSu location the breezeblocks are molded in the shape of Chinese swallows and are back-lit to create a backdrop for the long row of banquette seating. The last major element in the space is an infinity mirror at the terminus of the space, which opens up the entirety of the room and reflects light in from the skylight above.