Jing A LFS
Longfusi Beijing
Food & Beverage
15 February 2019 to 1 August 2019

230 sq. M

Jing A, a local Beijing Craft beer brand, had just received an influx of capital from Danish Beer Giant, Carlsberg, and was looking to create a new Tap room in the heart of Beijing’s Dongcheng District. Taking an existing building within the Long Fu Si complex, NAO opened up large windows, and skylights to bring in more natural light and to emphasize the factory like space. In addition NAO redesigned the façade to create a Red brick and steel exterior where details of broken bricks harkened back to Jing A’s First location that was set within an originally NAO designed Space. In contrast to the exterior the interior is a combination of distressed plaster on brick walls with a highlight Art Mural by Leon Fenster a British born Beijing resident whose work addresses the Beijing community with countless details specific to the Jing A beer brand and their storied past.